In this explanation, let us assume that there is a person who jumps (athlete, professional, patient) and a helper. This procedure can of course be performed on its own.

Necessary Equipment

Pep Its Mat + Application


  • Explain the testing procedures to the individual and ensure consent for data collection.
  • Complete your profile (name, height, weight, sport, group...). If necessary, write in the comments the conditions of the test, a possible injury, physical fatigue...
  • Press "Start" and get on the mat.


  • The person stands on the mat. Their weight is evenly distributed over both feet.
  • The hands are placed on the hips and remain there throughout the test.
  • The person crouches until the knees are bent at 90 degrees, keeping the back straight.
  • The person makes his jump. Make sure it jumps vertically, as high as possible, and that both feet touch the mat simultaneously when landing.


The height of the jump is affected by the degree of bending of the knees. The test can be biased if the bending angle differs with each measurement.

For people with specific pain or pathology, it is of course possible to adapt the starting posture to their difficulties, ensuring that the conditions of the test remain similar to each measurement.