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Pep Its!

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PEP ITS Discover our connected mat

Discover the connected mat, specially designed to measure and improve your athletic performance and fitness with squat jumps. This revolutionary rug combines state-of-the-art technology and fitness training, giving you a complete and personalized training experience. Contact us for more details!

---- In summary ; what is PEP ITs ?

PEP ITS has developed a new product that will help make the difference to physical training.
It is a fitness tracking tool which uses a measurement that takes a few seconds (~ 5s), wherever you are (transportable and autonomous).

A personal trainer, a club or an athlete can use "PEP ITS" to monitor individual athletes and their own performance.


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Product description

Thanks to regular measurements on your smartphone, in a matter of seconds and at any training site, it can detect minute variations in tone that give an indicator of overall physical performance.

  • For the personal trainer, it's a way to detect and predict a loss of fitness of the athlete (over-training for example) and to adapt his preparation for the events.
  • For the Performance Manager or Coach, it's an accurate indicator of the operational condition of their team with decision support from a numerical value.
  • For the athlete, it's a measurement partner  and progress tracker, to become a champion or to stay at the top.


Once unfolded, the PEP ITs become a mat with 15.8 X 15.8 inches (40 X 40 cm) useable area. When transported, the folded, mat occupies a volume of 7.9 X 15.8 inches (20 x 40 cm) for a thickness of 0.8 inch (2 cm) [excluding the thickness of the control box].


To go further

Currently physical tonicity is based on a sensation, an unquantified feeling. Today most clubs do timed exercises ... that takes time! The Pep Its mat replaces the Wingate and Margaria tests, offering the same measurements in less time.

How does it work ?

PEP ITS : it is a mobile plateform , equipped with sensors, connected to an application on a phone or a tablet. PEP ITs is based on precise monitoring of the height and power of squat jumps (skipped extensions), which reveal the fitness level. This type of measurement, known as Bosco, are already fully used by some high-level athletes, and for all types of sports (not only relaxation and power sports).

New: PEP ITs takes these measurements out of the laboratory and makes them simple and accessible to everyone

Transportable in a sport bag, athletes can use it in 3 clicks, anywhere and independently (by battery). The physical trainer will also be able to remotely monitor, a measurement made by a member of his team.

But beyond the equipment, PEP ITs is an application that accompanies the athletes in his/her physical fitness progression. Monitoring the measurement history for each athlete is an essential asset that forewarns the risk of undrperforming, injury and over-training.

Added value of the PEP ITs mat

  • Significantly reduces the performance evaluation time
  • Simplifies as much as possible the use (in 3 clicks) of the measurement and monitoring tool
  • Customizes and references the measurement history for each athlete
  • Conducts remote assessments (coach / athlete)
  • Facilitates the management and supervision of a team, through visual indicators
  • Supports a selection of athletes in a team (casting) with quantified measurements
  • Guides the strategy and coaching method

Technology used


The mat is equipped with Piezoelectric pressure sensors, on a tablecloth. The high-sensitivity sensors are distributed over the contact areas of the feet.

The acquisition box transmit data, in high frequency and wireless, Bluetooth (BLE), to a smartphone or a tablet.

All the system is Energy Autonomous, several days, thanks to a rechargeable battery by USB .

The charging cable is fitted with USB plug (anti-tear system). It is possible to use the mat while it is charging.


The application is developped for 2 operating system: iOS for Apple and Android for Google, and works on both phones and tablets.

The measure is carried out in three clicks through three screens: the locker room, the exercises, and the history screens.

Physical quantities measured

Thanks to its ultra-sensitive pressure sensors, the PEP ITS "physical explosivity" mat can provide essential performance metrics, such as : 

  • Time of flight (in seconds)
  • Jump height : maximum height and average height for repetitions of jump squat (in inches)
  • Energy per mass unit of the athlete (in J/lb)
  • Power per mass unit of the athlete (in W/lb)
  • Overall useful power (in Watt)
  • Standard deviation compares the average of the last 10 jumps (%)

The application allows a comparison of the measured performance of each exercise. 

Founding principle of the concept

The main interest of PEP ITs® is to link the jump extension measurements and the physical tonicity / explosivity.
The concept of the tonicity measurement platform is based on studies initiated by Carmelo Bosco especially « A Simple Method or Measurement of Mechanical Power in Jumping » in 1983.
Bosco is the first to link jump pliometry measurements to mechanical power, comparable but easier than an anaerobic stress test (example: Wingate on hometrainer or Margaria).

Many other studies have also demonstrated the veracity of Bosco’s thesis that the height of the jump gives accurate indications on the power, the explosivity and tonicity of the athlete.

In addition, a study was conducted by the CREPS to evaluate the different techniques of jumps to select, diagnose and guide the power measurement: View the file

Thanks to the instrumented mat, a physical trainer can request the execution of different types and techniques of jumps to follow, select or even diagnose a deficiency of an athlete. 

See the different types of exercises available