How long does the Pep Its mat last? How long does the Pep Its mat last ?

Range Test

Battery performance check that allows approximately 100 jump measurements every 30 seconds while connected in Bluetooth.

Wear test

With the help of a specialized machine, rehearsals of 15,000 jumps were made with a foot wearing a sports shoe (for example: tennis sneakers). The machine settings were adjusted so that the speed and force were equivalent to 300 joules to simulate the jump action in real conditions. The test was performed with the electronics box connected.

Temperature test

The carpet was tested for extreme temperatures (-10°C to +70°C) for 20min. Tests were performed after 40min return to room temperature.

UV test

This is an 8-hour “intensive” UV test. That is, 8 hours of UV would be equivalent to 1 hour of sun exposure per day of use of the carpet (5 years x 300 days/year x 1 hour/day of UV). A functional test was then conducted.

The mat and its components withstood all of these tests.

What are the optimal conditions for use of the mat? What are the optimal conditions for use of the mat ?

The ideal is to perform the jump measurements on a flat and rigid ground. Avoid grass, sand, carpet... The most accurate measurements are for persons weighing between 40kg and 140kg. Caution: the carpet is not waterproof, do not use on wet soil.

How to connect the app and the Bluetooth box? How to connect the app and the Bluetooth box?
  • Enable smartphone Bluetooth
  • Open the Pep Its application
  • Turn on the carpet housing by pressing the round button
  • In the application, click on the “Bluetooth” icon (top right of the screen), or click “Settings” (top left)
  • Click on the button to the right of «Platform» to connect the carpet The smartphone detects the housing
  • Connection is established when “Connected” is written in the application settings
  • Go to the “Exercises” page by clicking on the “Frogs” icon and start the jump measurements
How to manage and export results? How to manage and export results

You can access a person’s jump measurement page by clicking on their name in the locker room. (Caution: to change their profile, click on the photo).

After the jumps, there is no recording option. Measurements are automatically plotted on the “Results History” page (bottom right of the screen).

For each profile, a comment space is provided, which will be visible in the export file.

To export the results to a computer, click on “…” to email an Excel file. It is possible to export the results of each profile, or the entire locker room at once.