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PEP ITs and the french national training center of sail in La Rochelle worked together on the use of the mat as part of the physical preparation of the young people of the Espoir ILCA team (formerly Laser), and in their selection to join the French national center of Sail (under 18 years old).

Jump squats, explosive measurement, mobile application, pressure sensors, sports performance monitoring, and super coach... these are the essential ingredients to adapt the training program and reduce the risk of injury !

This tool is ideal for high performance athletes. Moreover, it is a decision support for coaches. With the Olympics Games 2024 in Paris, just around the corner, it’s time to take care of your body and give your best shot.

This partnership is developped in three areas: PEP ITs lends a mat to an young athlete of the national training center, athlete, Périne Milleret, so that she can follow her fitness states throughout the season and adapt her training program.

A Research and Development project is being carried out with the coach of the young prospects of sail, Roman Dussain, to develop a reminder torque measurement tool based on the position of the runners on the boat.

To make visible all this work done together, videos will be made as and when and shared on social networks and our respective websites. The first video is already available :

Link to the video

Thanks you to the french national training center of sail in La Rochelle for their welcome. Do not hesitate to subcribe to follow this beautiful project !