26 Minutes Eco

On November 8, 2022, the PEP ITs founder, Samuel Derais, was on RCF Charente’s “Let’s Talk ECO: 26 Minutes ECO” microphone to introduce the PEP ITs platform.

« It is a device based on the studies of a physiologist, Carmelo Bosco. He was the first to demonstrate, in the 80s, the relevance of measuring jump extensions (jump squats). These jump squats are indicative of a person’s tone and shape at a given moment.

The flight time is measured with a very precise stopwatch, which allows to deduce the heights, the energy, and the power used.

This platform saves time, it can substitute for much longer test procedures ! »

Thanks to RCF Charente for their welcome !

To listen to the entire show, click here : link to interview